About Us

Our Story

Why Cities should have all the fun?

We have  long dreamed to make life of rural disconnected regions people to enjoy the luxury of people who live in cities. From booking a cab to ordering food rural people much needed a platform . We planned to build a listing which has every local business / service listed for people to connect to. 

Why we are different

We wished  to give the people the options the deserve and here we are connecting business and people. To make things a bit more convenient for the users we also take orders on behalf of the merchants but we do not involve in the business.

Our only job is to take orders on behalf of the business from the users and forward it to the respected businesses. The business themselves sell their products directly to their customers and get the payment from them directly.

So the businesses and the customers have complete independence on how they operate the mode of payment and the service . The positive side is with Bakala this is much more easier than before.